New Music: N.E.R.D. f/ Nelly Furtado – ‘Hot-N-Fun’ [Full]

The next time you’re at a party and you see a bunch of girls shedding their clothes, you can thank N.E.R.D. The rap-rock trio dedicate their new single “Hot-N-Fun” to girls everywhere. Nelly Furtado hangs with the boys on the first release from the group’s fourth album Nothing.

“It’s a conversation between us and women about society—everything from branding to marketing to necessity and what that is to you,” Pharrell said of the July 6th release. “Get ready ’cause it feels good.”

Download: N.E.R.D. f/ Nelly Furtado – “Hot-N-Fun” [Full]

Audio via YouHeardThatNew