Album Snippets: Christina Aguilera – ‘Bionic’

Lend your ears to 30-second snippets from Christina Aguilera’s Bionic prior to its June 8 release. The pop princess’ fourth studio album features the Polow Da Don-produced lead single “Not Myself Tonight,” plus contributions from Nicki Minaj (“Woohoo”), Tricky Stewart (“Glam”), M.I.A. (“Elastic Love”), Peaches (“My Girls”), Linda Perry (“Lift Me Up”), and even Christina’s son Max.

1. “Bionic”
2. “Not Myself Tonight”
3. “Woohoo” feat. Nicki Minaj
4. “Elastic Love”
5. “Desnudate”
6. “Love & Glamour (Intro)”
7. “Glam”
8. “Prima Donna”
9. “Morning Dessert (Intro)”
10. “Sex for Breakfast”
11. “Lift Me Up”
12. “My Heart (Intro)”
13. “All I Need”
14. “I Am”
15. “You Lost Me”
16. “I Hate Boys”
17. “My Girls” feat. Peaches
18. “Vanity”