Dr. Dre

Dr. Dre Departs from Past with ‘Detox’

Those expecting another Chronic 2001 from Dr. Dre are in for disappointment. According to super-producer Scott Storch, the rap icon is avoiding repeating history with Detox.

“There’s quite a few records that are really amazing,” Dre’s longtime production partner and friend Scott Storch told DJ Skee in a recent interview. Storch collaborated with him on The Chronic 2001.

But don’t expect the same sound as Dre’s classic 2001 album. The beatmakers made sure not to include tracks that were too reminiscent of the past. “I think people will be pleasantly surprised when they hear it. It’s definitely a departure from a lot of the stuff Dre has done and the stuff Dre and I have done in the past. It’s a hybrid,” he revealed.

The long-awaited project is nearing completion. “I think he’s looking for like three more records,” Storch said, while joking, “So that should take about 400 records to get those three. He’s got pretty high standards.”

Additionally, the hitmaker confirmed that he co-produced the lead single “Under Pressure” featuring Jay-Z.