Rick Ross Names Car After Justin Bieber

Rick Ross has vehicles named after Rihanna, Oprah, and Lindsay Lohan, and now there’s a brand new addition to his fleet that has all the ladies screaming.

“I got the Lambo, that’s the Justin Bieber,” the Bawse tells Rap-Up.com of his blue Lamborghini, which borrows its name from the 16-year-old pop sensation. “It was new to the game. It was the new phenom.”

Just like the young heartthrob, the “Super High” MC draws the ladies’ attention when he’s cruising in his luxury whip. “The ladies scream for Justin Bieber, and that’s what they do when I pull up in that thing with my hat cocked.”

The Lambo is parked alongside his white BMW named after a troubled Hollywood starlet. “I got my Beemer, and that’s Lindsay Lohan. That’s what I use to do my dirty business. That’s my dirty white thing,” he previously told Rap-Up.com.

Ross’ other rides include a Mercedes-Benz CL with Rihanna’s namesake (“’Cause she was the new sexy, beautiful one out”), a motorcycle called Madonna, and a black Maybach. “I call her Oprah. That’s when I roll through like I run shit.”