Rick Ross Wants to Do Business with Donald Trump

Rick Ross has his eye on a new collaboration, but this time, it’s not with another artist. Instead, hip-hop’s biggest boss wants to work with the boss of real estate, Donald Trump.

“I would love to work with Donald Trump,” Ross revealed to Rap-Up.com during a recent visit to Trump’s home turf of New York City.

The “Super High” MC and the billionaire tycoon both share one thing in common: their love for the mean green. “I’m pretty sure there are some ventures we could attack. There’s some money out there for us to get.”

While he hasn’t met The Donald yet, he has seen him fire and hire employees on NBC’s hit show “The Apprentice.” “I just love what Don represents,” added Ross. “Ridin’ out here in New York, you look over and see so much of his real estate. It’s just a good thing.”

The Teflon Don, who own his own Miami property, has plans to venture further into real estate and Trump would be the perfect business partner. “I’ve been dabbling in that for a few years now, so most definitely. Tell him to get at me.”