Kobe Bryant Inspires Game’s New Album Release Date

If you’re upset with Game’s latest album pushback, blame Kobe Bryant. The Lakers superstar has a lot to do with the West Coast rapper’s new release date.

Game’s R.E.D. Album has been moved from July 6 to August 24 in honor of Bryant. This is the latest setback for the disc, which was originally slated for release last fall.

He explained the decision on Twitter. “I pushed my album back so it would land on Kobe’s #’s …. 8 & 24 n it’s year 10′ n that was his Olympic #. R.E.D. In stores 8-24-10 !” he wrote.

A video for the street anthem “It Must Be Me” is expected to debut in the coming weeks, and a video for his radio single “Ain’t No Doubt About It” featuring Justin Timberlake has been shot.