Kelis’ Fourth of July Barbecue Tips

When Kelis is not rocking stages, the “4th of July (Fireworks)” singer can be found in the kitchen. The culinary school graduate told Entertainment Weekly four things required to throw the ultimate Fourth of July barbecue. See what Chef Kelis has on the menu.

1. Equipment
“If you can get your hands on a smoker, you can put ribs in there and they come out amazing. Or add mesquite chips to charcoal for your barbecue pit.”

2. Meat
“Anything with a bone is going to have more flavor. Even if you’re going to do chicken, do it with the bone in.”

3. Sides
“I love a basic summer salad. I made a 16-bean salad that was pretty amazing at a barbecue a few weeks ago. It had all these different kinds of beans: fava beans, kidney beans, lima beans, chickpeas… You can put a little fresh mint and a great balsamic vinegar and a rich olive oil. That comes out really nice.”

4. Tunes
“Make a good playlist. It should be upbeat records everybody wants to sing along to. Put your iPod on speakers and just lay out and enjoy summer.”