Album Preview: Bobby V – ‘Fly on the Wall’

After hearing three seconds of Bobby Valentino’s new single “Phone Number,” it’s apparent his forthcoming album, Fly on the Wall, set for an October 12 release, will transform any location—from a conference room to a car—into a seductive atmosphere. From the moment the singer sets eyes on a curvaceous cutie, Bobby follows through in an effort to get her digits, expose his vampire alter-ego to her, and seduce her in the bedroom.

Though only four songs were played inside EMI Music’s Manhattan offices, the consensus is the tracks—replete with delicate and enticing guitar licks driven by bass-heavy beats—best serve their role in a pimped-out bachelor pad. Bobby V is set to call on Lil Wayne, Rick Ross, Gucci Mane, and possibly even a duet with Monica to assist his listeners with the perfect tunes to go from hitting the club to hitting the bed sheets. gives an advance rundown of four tracks set to appear on Bobby V’s fourth album.

1. “Phone Number” featuring Plies
Produced by Jazze Pha

Starting out with domineering percussion on the intro, listeners don’t have a choice but to move with the heat. This midnight club hitter gets straight to the point: Bobby V wants your number. By the sounds of nine keys clicking on a cell phone, it’s implied that, by the end of this song, he’s got the digits. This track is the R&B crooner’s persistent, no-nonsense approach to luring a woman with his words: “I want your home number, turn on your iPhone, Skype me baby, you’ll have the best phone sex in the world.”

2. “Alter Ego”
Produced by Jazze Pha

A thudding drum set is used as Bobby V’s alter-ego, a vampire, is about to burst out. Inspired by the popular HBO show “True Blood” and his own penchant for biting, this love song moves into many unexpected interludes. The bedroom banger is aggressive but passionate and highlights the singer’s Usher-esque velvety vocals. Decorated with sweet and seductive guitar licks, lingering after sudden breathless halts, the track requires a respirator as it feels like an aural journey of coronary dysfunction. A mix of uptempo crunk beats are layered beneath interludes of infectious guitar melodies.

3. “Hummin'”
Produced by L.O.S Da Mystro

R&B singers love to recite a play-by-play of the bedroom plan and this song is no exception. From round one to the point where Bobby coos, “We’re gonna be hummin’, feel so good don’t stop girl, we gonna be hummin’,” the steps leading to the power move are already carefully laid out. Bobby’s coy euphemism of beneath-the-sheets action seems arbitrary as minimal humming was heard, but rather a marching band of mechanical 808s and snappy oscillating snares in this well-articulated ballad.

4. “Nobody”
Produced by Tim and Bob

“If I can’t have you, I want nobody else” are words every woman wants to hear, especially in the way Bobby V puts it down with his smooth vocals. His sweet proposal is also a showcase of his deep and rounded timbre, decorated by affectionate guitar ornamentation. The calculated suspension and effortless improvisation transforms easy melodies into an attractive three-minute musical journey.

–Evelyn Kim