Unrapped: Teen Dream Aaron Fresh

Relaxing under a cabana on the rooftop of a high-class hotel in Hollywood, 17-year-old Def Jam artist Aaron Fresh takes full advantage of his free time, taking in the sights of a poolside view. Yet lounging in the sun isn’t what he considers a hobby. The Trinidadian admits his passion is entertaining the masses with his single “Dirty Girl” featuring Cory Gunz, shooting hoops, and battling the best in a game of Halo. “I love playing sports and always entertaining people both on and off camera,” Fresh tells Rap-Up.com. “I go hard in any sport, but I love playing Halo. Me and Justin Bieber should play a game one day.”

As he sits back with his hands behind his neck, suited in a pair of skinny jeans, fitted hat, and a striped tee, the Caribbean sensation reminisces on his organic experience being discovered. “After I realized I wanted to be a part of the entertainment industry,” says Fresh, “I started going around asking people how to start.” A few years later, thanks to a chance encounter, his hard work paid off. “My friend left his window open while I was singing,” shares Fresh. “This guy walked by named Reo Mitchell, knocked on the door, and said I should come by his studio. The next day I [went] and Reo called in Nick Cannon, and after that it was a done deal.”

Prior to the fame and sky-high hotel rooms, Fresh was a vibrant teenager moving from state to state. “I was born in Chicago and raised in a lot of places,” he says. “But when I moved to Trinidad, I stayed there for like six years.” The Midwest native’s travels inspired both his music and personal life. “I took bits and pieces from each place,” he admits. A mash-up of island influence and R&B tunes are sure to be heard on his debut album, Fresh N Up. “I titled the album Fresh N Up because that’s what I think the music industry needs to do, put a little Aaron Fresh in your life,” states the confident singer.

With the heavy title of being Nick Cannon’s protégé, Fresh makes sure that he doesn’t let the hype get to his head, continuing to focus on school and developing his character. “I just want to make sure I am the same person people love,” he reveals. “I don’t ever want to turn into a monster.”

–Nyvia Weathersby