Video: Janelle Monáe – ‘Cold War’

Janelle Monáe fights back tears and her sanity in the stripped-down video for “Cold War.” The camera zooms in on the ArchAndroid’s face, exposing her naked shoulders and raw emotion in one take.

Monáe told that her tears were spontaneous and triggered a chain reaction. “I remember crying during ‘Cold War’ [on the] first take,” she said. “I didn’t know how that happened but it just did. I was very moved by that. It was really a special moment; then everybody else started to cry.”

She offered further insight into the Wendy Morgan-directed clip. “‘Cold War’ reveals what the ArchAndroid looks like,” she stated. “[The video] deals with a psychosis—you’re in my mind and you get a chance to understand Metropolis, where it all stemmed [from] and my thoughts. It’s very psychedelic and trippy.”