Nicki Minaj Dreams Up Supergroup

If Nicki Minaj ever decided to form an all-female supergroup, you can bet there would be a line around the block for tickets. The Young Money rapper shared her zany picks for the leading ladies that would make up her fictional group.

During a live chat with Billboard, she revealed that Hermione, the female character from Harry Potter, would be the first recruit. “You know in Boyz II Men, how there was that one dude that never sang, but just talked?” she asked. “Hermione would do the talking stuff because she has the [British] accent.”

Next up, Oscar-winning actress Angelina Jolie and reality star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi would make the band. “She would be like one of the backup dancers,” Minaj said of the “Jersey Shore” cast member.

The all-star lineup rounds out with two veteran Grammy winners. “We would have to have Lauryn Hill, like have to, and we would have to have Cyndi Lauper ’cause she’s funny, she’s crazy,” explained the “Your Love” hitmaker. “[Cyndi] reminds me of myself and I love her voice. I would produce her in the studio and be like, ‘Cyndi, give it to me like this, I want that feeling, I want that stuff.'”

Minaj tried to think of a seventh member, considering Wendy Williams, Whitney Houston, and Beyoncé as possibilities, but had reservations about the latter. “You can’t put Beyoncé in it ’cause it’s not gonna be fair.”