Ne-Yo Announces Sex of First Child

Ne-Yo has reason to pop bottles and celebrate the “Champagne Life” now that he’s learned the sex of his first child, who is set to make an entrance into the world in January 2011.

The R&B crooner, whose new album Libra Scale is due October 5, revealed the news in a celebratory post via Twitter today. “LADIES AND GENTS!!! I’M HAPPY TO ANNOUNCE THAT I’M HAVING A BEAUTIFUL BABYGIRL!!! THANK YOU GOD,” he wrote.

Monyetta Shaw, the mother of Ne-Yo’s child, is currently about four months pregnant. The 30-year-old singer-songwriter attended one of Shaw’s ultrasounds several weeks ago, which was a first for him. During the initial doctor’s visit, the sex could not be determined due to the baby curling up into a tight ball. As a result, Ne-Yo dubbed his offspring “stubborn.” “They didn’t get that one from me,” he told EBONY magazine.

Despite rumors that Ne-Yo and Shaw do not have a serious relationship intact, the father-to-be is focusing on the upcoming bundle of joy that’ll be entering his life. “I am 30 and I do have my first child on the way, and I’m very, very, very excited about that,” he said. “It’s a New Year’s baby and I’m just in a really good place right now.”

–Georgette Cline

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