Lil Wayne’s Rikers Food Order Revealed

Lil Wayne may be used to eating filet mignon and French fries when he’s out of jail, but Weezy has to curb his expensive taste while locked up.

TMZ has obtained documents of the rapper’s commissary food order from last month while serving time at Rikers Island. Among the items on his list are beef sticks, Kool-Aid, Halls cough drops, ramen soup, Nacho Cheese Doritos, 50 sugar packets, and Poland Spring water (no soda).

Wayne also requested 20 envelopes and stamps so he can correspond with his family, friends, and fans, who’ve been writing him non-stop since he checked in in March.

Some things not on his list are games and a haircut voucher. Even behind bars, long hair, don’t care.

Click here to see what else is on Weezy’s list.