Video: Drake Shows Off Crib, Talks R&B Mixtape in Ustream Session

After reaching one million followers on Twitter, Drake checked in with his fans via Ustream from his Toronto condo overlooking the city. The Young Money Millionaire showed off his fancy chandelier, photos of Aaliyah and Alicia Keys on the wall, and even gave viewers a peek of his view from above.

Drizzy, sipping his “summer drink” of Pinot Grigio mixed with club soda, revealed the title of his upcoming R&B mixtape It’s Never Enough. “I never really make love ballads, like sappy love ballads,” he explained. “I try to make songs that everybody can feel comfortable listening to. So that’s coming out soon for free.”

He also announced the Welcome Home Weezy concert in November, flipped through some risqué photos in The Big Butt Book, provided an update on how his mother is doing after surgery, and called a bunch of super-excited fans.