Video: Fantasia Opens Up on ‘Lopez Tonight’

Fantasia Barrino is hard at work promoting her new album Back to Me, despite the fact that her recent suicide attempt could have thrown a wrench in the promotional machine. Last night, the American Idol winner, clad in a ruffly purple dress, paid a visit to George Lopez’s “Lopez Tonight,” grabbing a seat across from the host to discuss her attempt to take her own life and how she weathered the storm.

“It sounds strange now. At the time, I wasn’t really thinking about people and anything else,” she said of her attempted suicide, later joking with Lopez about the experience. “When I opened up my eyes and realized that I was still here in front of a whole bunch of strangers, I was like, damn!”

Her album Back to Me is benefiting from the added publicity. It is expected to sell 120-130,000 in its first week and debut at No. 2 on next week’s chart.

Watch Fantasia perform “Man of the House” below.

Videos via Mr. World Premiere