New Music: Jamie Foxx f/ T.I. & Soulja Boy – ‘Yep That’s Me’

Next time a hater has some choice words, just throw Jamie Foxx’s new joint, “Yep That’s Me” in their face. The bouncy track, which features lyrics from T.I. and Soulja Boy on the hook, is a verbal chin-check for those envious of this dream team’s lifestyle. Jamie boasts, “Mad ’cause I’m ballin’ and kissin’ on Halle Berry,” while T.I. makes others aware of his current situation, rapping, “Fresh out of prison, curfew lifted, hit the road like vroom.”

No word if the Eric Hudson-produced collaboration will appear on Foxx’s forthcoming album, Body. Listen to the trio tackle the track after the jump.

Download: Jamie Foxx f/T.I. & Soulja Boy – ‘Yep That’s Me’