Video: Fantasia Performs with Snoop Dogg

Though it may not seem like a good collabo on paper, Fantasia and Snoop Dogg proved to be a deadly duo last night in Las Vegas, sharing the stage at the cushy nightclub Rain at the Palms. Rocking a glittery poncho, Fantasia performed for a packed house boasting celebrity guests including Demi Moore, who two-stepped along as the American Idol alumnus rocked the crowd right.

“Something happened to me not too long ago,” Tasia told the audience, making vague reference to her recent suicide attempt. “They thought I was finished, they thought I was done. They callin’ me out. But I will never ever stop, I don’t care what no one say about me.”

Snoop Dogg joined Fantasia on stage during a cover of Aretha Franklin’s “Rock Steady,” playing background vocals as the soulstress did her thing on the mic. “I’m stupid excited,” said the singer before taking the stage. “It’s been three years since I’ve been here.” She didn’t seem to disappoint.