10 Questions for Jeremih

  /  08.31.2010


The skies were dreary in New York City during Jeremih’s recent visit to the Def Jam offices, yet the Chicago native didn’t allow the sun’s game of hide-and-seek to put a damper on his day. Though when it came to his attire, that was another story entirely. Prepared with only a cardigan, the R&B singer was disappointed he couldn’t rock a T-shirt without feeling cold. “I thought it was going to be hot!” he lamented.

Weathering the storm of first album jitters, Jeremih is levelheaded for his sophomore release, All About You (Sept. 28). For this effort, he reunited with the lucky charm he used on his debut: Mick Schultz. The beatmaker crafted all of the tracks set to appear on the crooner’s second album. On top of that, Jeremih already has collabo clout with the likes of Ludacris (“I Like”) and 50 Cent (“Down on Me”). Expect some lyrical growth from the 23-year-old as he creatively tackles subjects of abandonment, physical friction, and insomnia.

Jeremih was his chipper self, shining in place of the absent sun as he let loose with to discuss his drink of choice, the song he thinks Nicki Minaj should sample, and the name of his pet turtle. Here’s what he had to say.

1. When is the last time you took a trip back home?
Two days ago, actually. For the first time in a long time. [It was] incredible. Woosa! The best woosa that anyone can have in this industry.

2. When you go to an event, what do you order at the bar without fail?
Grey Goose, mixed with orange juice and cranberry juice, with a shot of Malibu. Makes me feel like I’m on an island every time.

3. Finish this sentence: This date is over when…
She keeps talking about her ex-boyfriend, and what he did wrong.

4. What do you think would be a hot track for you or another artist to sample?
I always thought, from a production standpoint, it would be dope if Nicki Minaj remixed a sample of “Barbie Girl” [performed by Aqua].

5. Do you have any pets? If so, what are their names?
Yeah, I have a turtle. [His name is] Peedi Crakk.

6. Summer is coming to a close. If there could be one season year-round, what season would you want it to be?
Fall. [Because of] the fashion, the weather. I don’t like too much heat. Heat and I really don’t get along like that. I like the holiday season as well, so it’s a great time for me.

7. What type of perfume or cologne can’t you stand?
It’s that cheap stuff… It’s a musk. I can’t stand musk.

8. You recently judged a talent competition for Dwyane Wade’s “Chicago’s Got Talent.” If you could be the next judge on “American Idol,” what would you look for in a contestant?
Versatility, which is more than talent. [Also] a great personality and a beautiful… I would say overall, someone that looks appealing to the eye.

9. Has anything or anyone inspired you in the last 24 hours?
Yes, my mother, actually. She always leaves me long voicemails and I don’t really pick up my phone. She left me the nicest one earlier. She knows that this week the album was due, and there was a lot of unnecessary stress. At the same time, she’s always been there and always gives me a good word for the day.

10. What else do you want to accomplish in your lifetime?
[I want to start] my own label. I want to be able to produce other acts. [Also], starting my foundation for a school—the Imma Star Foundation, which I am trying to build in Chicago where I am right now. It’s just giving kids an outlook and a way to utilize their talents and their skills just as I did. I want to develop my own cologne, my own scent, [one people will buy] once they get tired of musk.

–Tanya Remekie


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