Video: Usher Thrills on ‘Early Show’

Usher wrapped CBS’s “Early Summer Concert Series” this morning in New York City with a bang. The “OMG” singer dazzled the crowd at the studio plaza with pre-taped renditions of his classic hit “Yeah!” as well as newer cuts including “DJ Got Us Fallin’ in Love,” “There Goes My Baby,” and “Hot Tottie,” which wasn’t televised.

Backed by a troupe of dancers, Ursh, rocking black shades, a Rolling Stones tee, a military green jacket, jeans, and red kicks, addressed the crowd between songs.

“I do this music to make sure you guys enjoy it, make sure you guys love it. Which is why I decided to do it once again,” he said of his recent EP release, Versus. “Even though we released an album earlier this year, I wanted to do something special for my fans. Because I felt like I didn’t get a chance to say everything to you. But when I’m connected right here, this is the best moment—other than with my children—these are the best moments I ever have. Thank you, guys, so much.”

He also spoke with CBS anchor Harry Smith about his love of performing and how recording music paves the way for him to do that. “It’s incredible to, you know, to create a record because you know the fans are going to love it, but you really want to get back to the stage,” he said. “This is the moment—these are the moments that last forever. I mean, you can’t buy this.”

Watch Usher cut a rug and effortlessly hit his cues in the clips below.