Quincy Jones Doesn’t Listen to Lady Gaga, But Loves Amy Winehouse

It’s been almost a full decade since industry legend Quincy Jones has released an LP, but he’s ready to climb back on that old horse. Jones is currently prepping the release of Q: Soul Bossa Nostra—a tribute record to himself—where he claims to be “rolling with whatever the reality is” given the music industry’s drastic changes.

The 77-year-old plans to give listeners a dose of reality with a guest appearance from Amy Winehouse on the album, where she will cover Jones’ first hit as a producer, “It’s My Party,” which dominated airwaves in 1963. Jones, who met the troubled singer at Nelson Mandela’s 90th birthday concert, was assured that everything would be alright with her.

“We hugged and I said, ‘Why you got to mess up your life like this?’ She said, ‘I’m gonna be OK. My husband’s getting out of jail soon.’ I said, ‘Wow! That’s a big positive!’ She’s like Naomi [Campbell], my other little naughty sister,” he told The Guardian.

But don’t expect a Lady Gaga feature on any of his tracks. “I don’t listen to her,” he said, rolling his eyes. “[‘Cause] I heard it a couple of times!” Look for a Gaga-free album dropping later this year.