Melody Thornton Goes Wild in New Photos

Melody Thornton makes a bang with a new set of photos from her “Wild West” shoot. The former Pussycat Doll, who’s recording a solo album, brandishes a sparkly gun while donning a bustier, holster, and boots in the ’60s throwback images, which she styled herself. While shooting in the California desert, Melody slipped and fell on a rock.

“My knees are photoshopped because they were and definitely still are in bad shape from the fall but thanks to the best photographers on the planet (Smallz and Raskind), we managed to pick up where we left off and as you can see the pics are GORGEOUS!” she wrote.

These photos and more can be found on her new blog, where she discusses fashion, music, and her inspirations including Whitney Houston and Cher. Check it out at

Pull the trigger on Mel’s smokin’ shots below.