Video: Kelly Rowland – ‘Rose Colored Glasses’

Kelly Rowland turns her tears into art in the eye-popping video for “Rose Colored Glasses,” the Dr. Luke-produced single off her third solo album. Directed by Rankin (Kelis’ “Acapella”), the clip shows the Destiny’s Child alum struggling with a relationship, while numerous wardrobe changes, vivid colors, doves, and stunning shots of Kelly burst onto the screen.

“The inspiration behind the song is just my real life,” Kelly said of the Ester Dean-penned track. “It’s just so nice to express that emotion and get it all out there because everyone out there, I’m sure you guys can relate to the pain of feeling like a complete idiot when everybody’s laughing at you when you’re getting played by the person in your life at the time. And you just need to take off your rose colored glasses.”

Feast your eyes on Kelly’s fashionable formation below.