Keri Hilson and Big Boi

Keri Hilson and Big Boi ‘Get Schooled’

Keri Hilson and Big Boi stressed the importance of education to students at Chicago’s Collins Academy High School during Thursday’s Get Schooled National Challenge and Tour. Miss Keri, accessorized with her No Boys Allowed necklace, performed “Knock You Down” and offered her advice to the youth.

“I think the key to making it through high school and life in general is knowing what’s important, attacking that, and executing everything,” said Keri, a former co-captain of her high school basketball team.

Big Boi was pursuing his education before OutKast blew up. “Before I started doing music, I was actually planning on going to school to study child psychology, but when I was in eleventh grade we went platinum,” shared Sir Lucious. “I still finished and graduated with honors.”