Missy Elliott Plots ‘Crazy’ Comeback

Missy Elliott has been gone for a minute to focus on production work for Jazmine Sullivan and Monica, but she’s back and ready to conquer the dance floor once again. The leftfield hitmaker, whose last single “Ching-a-Ling” burned up the clubs in 2008, has some new music on the way.

A self-described club record called “Blow Your Whistle” will be released “in a minute,” but Missy first has to decide how the video will look. “I gotta figure out this video thing and then we gon’ drop it. It’s gotta be a whole thing, it’s a puzzle for me,” the hip-hop vet recently told MTV News. “It’s not just the record, it’s about the video too.”

Past concepts have included Missy sporting a garbage bag, adidas tracksuits, and a scarecrow outfit—and she promises to push the envelope even further with the treatment for “Blow Your Whistle.” “Something crazy,” she revealed. “I’m taking my foot off this time. I don’t know. Something crazy though.”

It’s been over five years since Missy released her last studio album The Cookbook, which produced the Grammy-winning single “Lose Control” featuring Ciara and Fatman Scoop.