Kanye West

Kanye West to Take Fans to ‘Church’ of Hip-Hop on Next Tour

Kanye West learned an important lesson after his ill-fated tour with Lady Gaga—don’t mix musical genres. So the creative mastermind is focusing his next tour on hip-hop, dropping names of rappers he’d like to bring with him on the road.

“I would definitely like to bring Nicki Minaj on tour, Rick Ross, Kid Cudi… I’d like to do different tours,” ‘Ye told MTV News’ Sway in an interview following yesterday’s Runaway premiere.

His big brother Jay-Z and Lil Wayne could also be potential tourmates on his first trek since 2008’s “Glow in the Dark.” “I’d like to do a tour with me and Jay. I think that’s an obvious winner right there,” shared Yeezy. “A tour with me and Wayne, maybe me, Wayne, Jay, and Drake. One thing though that I’mma do, especially with my tour this time, is I’mma keep it very, very, very hip-hop.”

Kanye and Gaga announced their joint “Fame Kills” tour last year, canceling it soon after tickets went on sale. He explained what went wrong. “Tour is like church almost. It doesn’t really work if you got a Muslim-Christian church. It needs to be one or the other because it’s that camaraderie type energy,” he said. “What I figured out is I’mma keep the church really hip-hop. Crashing works on songs, but touring is a whole different type of animal.”

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