T.I. Won't Be Charged for Drug Arrest

  /  10.25.2010


With an 11-month prison sentence ahead of him, T.I. has finally caught a break. According to TMZ, the L.A. County District Attorney has rejected the Atlanta native’s case from his felony drug arrest last month, dropping the charges since he’s already been sentenced for violating his federal probation.

Additionally, there were legal problems with the case. Cops initially claimed that they smelled marijuana emanating from his car, though nothing of the sort was actually found in the vehicle. Not only that, but T.I. was asked to step out of his Maybach right after making an illegal U-turn without police following proper protocol and checking his registration.

Tip will still have to serve his 11-month sentence for violating his probation after already serving a year for weapons charges. He and his wife, Tameka “Tiny” Cottle, were pulled over at the beginning of September for failing to follow traffic rules.

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