Monica Returns to Twitter After Stalker Arrested

After suddenly disappearing from Twitter after a scary incident involving a stalker, Monica has finally returned.

“I’m SO excited today. I was not able to tell you guys about my stalking situation but after 6yrs the person was found and arrested,” wrote the R&B singer in her first tweet since leaving the social networking service on October 19.

The unidentified person had been using Twitter to track Monica’s moves. “He would see where I was when I would tweet & send scary things,” she shared. “But I’m happy to put it all behind me.”

For her safety, she was told it would be in her best interest to stop using Twitter, causing some to think she signed off for other reasons. “Some people thought it was something that someone said to me on Twitter,” Mo previously told Big Tigger. “It was absolutely nothing like that. People have talked about and been cruel toward me and ever other artist long before Twitter came about, so it would never be something as simple as something that somebody said.”

But the bride-to-be is happy to be back online. “So back to spreading a good word in a positive way.God is SO amazing.Thanks 2 all my fans for your patience. Sorry I couldnt share what was happening.”