New Music: Ameriie – ‘Outside Your Body’ [Snippet]

  /  11.16.2010


Ameriie goes global with the first single from her 2011 album Cymatika Vol. 1. Penned by Ameriie and produced by Andre Harris, Kasey Phillips, and Nikholai Greene, the sexy singer calls out London, Paris, Tokyo, and Seoul on the dance-pop tune, even singing a little in Korean.

“When writing this album, I really wanted to talk about what affects us on a spiritual level. Not a religious level, but on the level pertaining to who we are, who we really are as spiritual beings,” Ameriie tells “I wrote about the intimidation we feel from different outside sources, including society in general, that cause us to want to hide who we are, change who we are, and suppress ourselves in a sense. I wrote about self-suppression as a self-defense type of reaction, self-defense from other people’s forceful ideas of who and how we should be.

“That’s what Cymatika as a project is really about. It’s about existing in this world and recognizing the power we all have naturally—truly realizing it. ‘Outside Your Body’ is about the recognition that we are eternal beings, that these physical bodies are not who we are, and how we should remember and celebrate our unlimited potential. We have no limits.”

The full song will debut tomorrow on, but has an exclusive sneak peek right here!

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