New Music: Ameriie – ‘Outside Your Body’

Ameriie journeys around the world on “Outside Your Body,” the Euro-pop lead single from her fifth album Cymatika Vol. 1, due next year. The track, written by Ameriie and produced by Andre Harris, Kasey Phillips, and Nikholai Greene, takes listeners on an international tour, infusing the banger with blinding synths and an infectious melody.

“Tell me where you want to go/ Let me take you to London town and Paris, yeah/ Tokyo and Seoul,” sings the sexy singer on the chorus before adding a few lines in Korean.

“‘Outside Your Body’ is about the recognition that we are eternal beings, that these physical bodies are not who we are, and how we should remember and celebrate our unlimited potential. We have no limits,” Ameriie explained to

Listen to the upbeat tune below.