/  11.25.2010

Taylor Swift appeared on Chelsea Handler’s talk show where she revealed that she’s a fan of the host’s rumored boyfriend 50 Cent. Taylor’s latest album Speak Now holds the title for most albums sold in a week since the rapper’s sophomore album The Massacre topped the charts in 2005 with 1,141,000 copies.

“I’m a big fan of 50 Cent. I think you’re a big fan of 50 Cent…” Taylor told Chelsea, to which the comedienne replied, “I’m not familiar with his music.”

“I love 50 Cent. That’s my thing,” added the country gal. “When we’re on tour, we have all three girls—the backup singer, the fiddle player, and me—all in one room and we all warm up to 50 Cent’s music. It would be surprising how many lyrics I know.”

Chelsea even pandered to the rumors herself. “I’m surprised that you warm up to 50 Cent ’cause I have warmed up to 50 Cent.”

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