Alicia Keys

Video: The Making of Alicia Keys and Eve’s ‘Speechless’

Instead of delivering a new track as part of his Monster Mondays series, Swizz Beatz releases a mini-documentary showing the making of last week’s giveaway “Speechless” featuring Alicia Keys and Eve. With Swizzy positioned at the board, his wife can be seen in the studio footage recording the personal song about the couple’s son, Egypt Daoud Dean.

“I haven’t put any songs out since my son was born, and so to be able to kind of write this song that talks about him and how he makes me speechless, the poet in me has gone away because I don’t even know what to say when I look at him. It’s dope,” explains the beaming mom.

Eve also describes the benefits of working with an artist in the lab. “I think it’s a different experience when you’re in the studio with someone who you not only see and have a rapport with just because, but that you’re like damn. I’d rock your records or I used to rock your records or I’d listen to your records. That’s a different experience.”

Go behind the music below.