Is Cassie Underrated?

Cassie has taken over four years to deliver her sophomore album Electro Love, but that doesn’t mean her fan base has lost interest. In fact, a growing cult of hardcore Cassie supporters has sprouted in the dance and electronic scenes, with established acts in the genres appreciating her talents beyond her sex appeal.

An article published by The Guardian in the U.K. delves into the world of staunch fans of the “Me & U” singer, with a sect of artists and industry insiders declaring their love for the shaved-headed chanteuse. “In her vocals there’s a lot of space; from a producer’s point of view that’s what you want, you can completely mash it up and reconstruct it,” says Robin Carolan, who runs Tri Angle Records and celebrated the new year by getting the words “Me & U” tatted on his arm.

But the fanaticism doesn’t stop there. Last year, English DJ-producer Deadboy released Cash Antics Vol. 1, which remixed her vocals, while the Skydiver compilation saw dubstep producers Brackles and Jacques Greene reworking her tunes.

“For my artists, such as oOoOO and How to Dress Well—the idea of Cassie singing on their tracks is a dream. Others might view her as a has-been, but in this world she’s a legend,” explains Carolan. “It sounds like she’s trapped in ice. There’s this stillness to [her voice]. Even though she’s not forcefully singing she still demands your attention.”

Though the world has yet to hear the follow-up to her 2006 self-titled debut, the Bad Boy singer recently told that fans can expect a single early this year with her sophomore album to follow.

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