Aretha Franklin and R. Kelly

Aretha Franklin ‘Might Become a Cougar’ for R. Kelly

  /  01.13.2011

Aretha Franklin and R. Kelly

Despite a health scare, Aretha Franklin is doing “superb” these days. So well that she has thoughts about making a move on R. Kelly.

The Queen of Soul checked in with Wendy Williams on Wednesday’s show where she sang the Pied Piper’s praises. “Do you love the song that R. Kelly just recorded, ‘When a Woman Loves’?” she asked the talk show host of the single from Kellz’ latest album Love Letter. “I think any woman that’s ever been in love will readily relate to that song. He is singing that song. I mean he is singing his heart and his soul out.”

Kellz had her head over heels in love with his tender tune. “You know if he isn’t careful, I might become a cougar,” warned the 68-year-old Detroit native.

During her revealing chat with Wendy, Aretha also confirmed that she is working on a biopic and is hoping to have an Oscar-winning actress play her. “Halle Berry is my pick,” she shared.

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