Timbaland Thursdays in Danger of Being Shut Down

The end could be near for Timbaland Thursdays. After dropping two songs in his weekly music series, Timbaland is putting a halt on the giveaways, at least for now. The super-producer remained coy when explaining why fans won’t get a new song this week.

A few days ago, Timbo hinted that there were problems brewing. “Here we go ‘they’ up to it, ‘they’ tryin to shutdown my timbo thursdays,” he wrote. Today, he updated fans with news that “they” were still keeping his free music from hitting the web, but didn’t elaborate on the identity of the mysterious culprit.

“i knw some of yall been askin bout timbo thursdays for 2day & i told yall about my dilemma wit ‘they’ tryin to shut it down 4 various reasons,” he tweeted. “shit got me heated forreal.”

So far, Timbaland has released the Missy Elliott-assisted “Take Ur Clothes Off” and “Round Da Way Tim” as part of the series.

Who do you think is trying to shut down Timbaland Thursdays?