Video: Trey Songz Serenades Wendy Williams

Trey Songz showed Wendy Williams his “Love Faces” on today’s “Wendy Williams Show.” The R&B heartthrob, looking sharp in a tuxedo and bow tie, serenaded the talk show host before revealing the most romantic thing he’s ever done for a girl on Valentine’s Day.

Trigga Trey, who also performed his new single “Love Faces” during the broadcast, shared the sneaky trick he played on his then girlfriend. “The most romantic thing I’ve ever done in a relationship for Valentine’s Day, [I] actually stole [my girlfriend’s] key off her keychain. I was supposed to be leaving town, and it was Valentine’s Day, and she was sad about that,” explained Trey.

“But we had breakfast earlier that day. Later on that night when she was done with class, I was actually in the house when she got there, there was roses and drinks. There was only an air mattress in there because we had just moved in. She was scared because the door was halfway open and her key wasn’t there, but when she got in, we had an incredible night.”