Video: Alicia Keys Reminisces in HP Promo

Alicia Keys looks back on the beginning of her career in a promo for “The Beat Is On with HP” campaign. In the clip, the glowing songstress recalls recording her debut Songs in A Minor in her Harlem bedroom, turning her closet into a booth, and driving her fellow tenants nuts.

“You could imagine how we tortured the neighbors. They would bang on the ceiling with a broom come three or four in the morning and I’m sitting here singing passionately at the top of my voice,” she said. “I really feel like a lot of that is the reason why that album has the particular feeling that it does, because we didn’t have anything. Sometimes, when you don’t have much, you make the best out of what you have and it makes a vibe and an energy.”

Take a stroll down memory lane with the R&B songbird.