Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga Announces Next Single

Lady Gaga shattered records with the success of her new single “Born This Way,” and she’s already readying its follow-up. The pop provocateur has revealed the title of the second single from her third album Born This Way.

“The next single is called ‘Judas’ and that will be out a couple weeks before the album,” she told Ryan Seacrest on 102.7 KISS FM. “I did that record with RedOne who is so amazing.”

The eccentric singer also provided more insight into her highly-anticipated LP, describing a few tracks in detail. “I co-produced every song. I wrote all of the music on my own in terms of the lyrics and the melodies,” she explained. “It’s eclectic. I wouldn’t tell everyone to expect lots of the same songs as ‘Born This Way.’ I explore lots of different genres in tandem with dance music and electronic music and industrial music.”

Gaga unveiled song titles including “Government Hooker,” “Marry the Night,” and “Hair,” an electronic club record produced by RedOne with a Bruce Springsteen vibe and Clarence Clemons on saxophone.

“‘Government Hooker’ has got this just really, really forward beat,” she shared. “It’s actually more of a hip-hop beat but we ended up double timing the beat. It’s just this super fast, really hard record. The lyrics are really filthy. It’s also empowering, but it’s a little more in the direction of sexual female empowerment.”

Born This Way is due in stores May 23. A video for the first single has been shot with director Nick Knight and choreographer Laurieann Gibson.