Jessie J

Video: Jessie J Catches Bieber Fever, Performs on ‘Graham Norton’

Jessie J didn’t pop a bottle when her smash “Price Tag” hit the top of the singles chart in the U.K. Grabbing a seat on BBC One’s “The Graham Norton Show,” the British songbird explained that she went the untraditional route to congratulate herself on the career milestone.

“I got my teeth whitened,” revealed the 22-year-old songstress, who showed off her pearly whites. “I really did though. You think I’m joking, I’m really not.”

The wise-cracking star also discussed rubbing elbows with Justin Bieber at the BRIT Awards, where she was named Critics’ Choice. While the teen idol is known for putting moves on the ladies, she insists he remained a gentleman. “He was really sweet. He actually mentioned me at the BRITs. I was sitting there powdering my nose, kind of waiting to go up on stage, really nervous, and I just heard like, ‘Yeah, I’m really feeling Jessie J!’ And I just felt like all his fans, even though they weren’t there, were just like ‘Grr!'” she joked. “He’s lovely. And his film’s really good. His hair in 3-D is epic.”

Wearing a nude-colored catsuit she described as a “fancy condom,” Jessie also performed “Price Tag” from her debut album Who You Are, arriving in the U.K. next week and on April 12 in the U.S.