Jennifer Lopez and Mario Lopez

Video: Jennifer Lopez Gets Surprised by Dancing Flash Mob

Jennifer Lopez got a surprise on the set of “Extra.” Taking the stage at L.A.’s The Grove on Thursday evening, J.Lo looked on as host Mario Lopez brought out Chris Grant, who choreographed the video for “On the Floor,” to join him and a crowd of fans to bust moves from the clip.

After catching goosebumps from watching the flash mob get down to her hit, she spoke on her upcoming album Love?, discussing how its inspiration came from within. “I’m a dancer first and foremost at the core, and in my heart I just want something that makes me want to dance,” she said, addressing the question mark in her album title. “It’s the most important thing in anybody’s life. Every person in the world needs love, the more you learn about it, seems the more questions you have about it.”

The “American Idol” judge is slated to drop her seventh album on April 19. “On the Floor” is currently No. 1 on iTunes.