Lil' Kim and Rihanna

New Music: Lil’ Kim f/ Rihanna – ‘Man Down (Remix)’

While fans wait for their copies of Black Friday to arrive in the mail, Lil’ Kim tides them over by releasing her remix to Rihanna’s “Man Down,” which appears on the mixtape under the title “Cheatin’.” Tacking her vocals on for a verse at the beginning of the reggae-tinged tune, Kimmy Blanco dabbles in Auto-Tune as she deals with the remorse over stealing a man away from his girl.

“What started out as a simple love affair/ Ended with someone inside an electric chair/ And the same man that she was in love with is now in love with me,” sings Kim, who shared her admiration for the red-haired superstar.

“She’s my favorite pop artist right now,” the Queen Bee recently told “I think she’s just phenomenal.”

Listen to her remix RiRi below.

[The song has been removed at the request of Roc Nation.]