Wiz Khalifa

Video: Wiz Khalifa Shares First Spring Break Experience

Wiz Khalia rolled into Las Vegas for his very first spring break at the Palms Resort & Casino, riding off the high of the experience. “Spring break has been excellent, the stay has been excellent, the kids have been excellent, the staff, the people, the food, the atmosphere… Couldn’t ask for more,” he said. “It’s my first spring break experience, so it’s the best thing ever.”

He also showed love for the Palms and explained how it’s the best scene for the festivities. “The Palms is perfect for this type of environment or any type of environment where you’re trying to do it big and really enjoy yourself and enjoy what’s going on around you while you’re there,” he continued. “The pool is crazy. I’ve never even seen a setup like that in my life, so being able to be there and perform there is awesome.”

The Taylor Gang leader will perform material from his major label debut Rolling Papers on the outdoor stage, along with Lupe Fiasco, Pitbull, and Jason Derulo for MTV’s Spring Break 2011, airing during the week of March 28.