Video: Jennifer Hudson Performs on ‘GMA’

Jennifer Hudson ushered in “Good Morning America’s” Spring Concert Series this morning in New York City, wearing bright colors to help say goodbye to winter. The slim songstress, who sported an orange top and deep violet skirt, performed her single “Where You At” and the inspirational Brooks & Dunn cover “Believe” off her sophomore album I Remember Me, fronting a full band as she sang her heart out.

Following her set, the 29-year-old sat down with host Robin Roberts, discussing her svelte figure and how she feels like an entirely new person. “I’m loving it now more than ever,” said J-Hud, whose son David Daniel Otunga Jr. watched from the wings. “It’s just been a lot of fun, it’s been amazing. At night, I can’t even sleep to see what I’m going to wear the next day.”

She admitted that she isn’t entirely comfortable with her new look though. “I’m still not used to my new self yet, so I’m figuring out who I am right now today. How do I want to be perceived? Who am I? And rediscovering my own style and everything, all at the same time,” she continued.

Check out the interview for more on her Oscar-winning role in Dreamgirls, “American Idol,” and how motherhood is her biggest motivation.