Wyclef Jean

Wyclef Jean Addresses Rumors Surrounding Haiti Shooting

Shortly after a bullet reportedly grazed his hand during a trip to Haiti, Wyclef Jean is speaking out about his injury. The Haitian musician recounted his brush with death and fired back at rumors that his story was fabricated.

The former Fugees member, who refused to speculate on whether the attack was politically motivated, offered his take on what happened on the eve of the presidential election in his native country. “We hear what’s called in Creole ‘catoosh,’ the sound of the booms. Jumped in the car with [Haitian artist] FanFan, ran, picked my crew up, and went to the nearest hospital,” he told CNN with Pras by his side. “I think really, I got grazed, I think. Pras, when he put on Twitter that his cousin just got shot in the hand…”

Pras, who recently patched up his longtime beef with Wyclef, said he’d rather the media focus on the current Haitian election instead of the recent incident. “We don’t really want to focus on that, because we think it’s just a distraction from what’s going on with the election,” he stated. “We don’t really want to play it up because people are going to take it the wrong way and it’s going to excite the people. People are going to come up in arms. We want this election to be as smooth as possible.”

“That’s really where we at,” added ‘Clef, who is supporting fellow Haitian musician Michel Martelly’s bid for presidency. “But there’s 50 million different stories on the Internet.”

There has been speculation that he was injured by cut glass instead of a bullet. “This is Haiti, it’s a city of rumors,” he told the AP as he went to vote. “There’s another [rumor] with me and Busta Rhymes in the car.”