Chris Brown and Robin Roberts

Robin Roberts Invites Chris Brown Back to ‘Good Morning America’

Chris Brown may have lost his cool after Robin Roberts pressed him on his domestic dispute with Rihanna, but his off-air outburst came as a surprise to her. According to the “Good Morning America” host, Breezy pre-approved questions regarding the incident and shocked Roberts when he tore up his dressing room following their televised interview.

During today’s “GMA” broadcast, Roberts explained that it is the show’s policy to discuss topics with an interviewee in advance. “Anytime we have a guest here on the program, we let them know ahead of time the subject matter, the topics that we’re going to discuss and even right before the interview, I said that to Chris and I was shocked like everybody else was,” she revealed.

She thought Brown was joking when he tried to redirect the interview to discuss his new album F.A.M.E. “You saw me laughing during the interview because when he was doing that, I thought he was joking about some things because of the easy relationship that we have,” she explained.

Despite the headline-making episode and barrage of angry comments from Breezy fans, she’s ready to have him back on the show. “I’m glad that we’ve extended an invitation. We’d love to have him back and he’s seriously considering that,” she added. “We wish him the absolute best and and again we’ve extended the invitation to him and I sure hope that he takes us up on it, because I’d love to have another chat with him.”

After deflecting her on-air questions on Tuesday’s program, Brown performed his hit “Yeah 3X” without any sign of irritation. Once the cameras stopped rolling, he allegedly flew into a rage and trashed his dressing room, removing his shirt and exiting the station in a fury.

The show’s hair and makeup staff said they called security after hearing loud noises coming from his dressing room. A cooler was reportedly thrown and a window was smashed.