B.o.B and Tyler, the Creator

New Music: B.o.B - 'No Future' (Odd Future Diss)

  /  03.25.2011

B.o.B and Tyler, the Creator

B.o.B may be a Top 40 artist, but he can still throw it down when he needs to. The “Nothin’ on You” hitmaker fires back at up-and-comers Odd Future after the group’s leader Tyler, the Creator dissed him and his collaborators Hayley Williams and Bruno Mars on his record “Yonkers.”

“(What you think of Hayley Williams?) F**k her, Wolf Haley robbin’ ’em/ I’ll crash that f**kin’ airplane that that fa**ot ni**a B.o.B is in/ And stab Bruno Mars in his goddamn esophagus/ And won’t stop until the cops come in,” barks OFWGKTA’s Tyler.

Bobby Ray lashes out on “No Future,” rapping, “You see this shit I gotta deal with from these beginners?/ I ain’t circusin’ around with these clown ass ni**as/ You snappin’ at the heels of a world class sprinter […] Body blow, upper cut, I do more than bruise ya/ Keep fu**in’ with me, you ain’t gon’ have no future.”

Tyler took to Twitter to respond after hearing the diss record. “Whoa. I Don’t Think The ‘No Future’ Song Is Even A Diss. But, Ive Never Heard Him Spit Like That. Took Me By Surprise, Cus Its Tight,” he wrote.

Who delivered the bigger blow? Sound off below.

B.o.B – “No Future”

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