Lauryn Hill

Lauryn Hill Pens Open Letter to Atlanta Fans, Quotes Nicki Minaj

Lauryn Hill, who left ATLiens angry after arriving three hours late to a show in January, reached out to her fans in a letter posted on her recently created Twitter account, quoting Nicki Minaj as she explained that she got off on the “wrong foot” and planned on making it up with another gig.

“I had to come back. I’M HERE and excited for the opportunity to do what should have been done the last time,” wrote an apologetic Ms. Hill. “Starting off on the wrong foot can always be easily rectified by putting another foot down, especially in a ‘monster shoe’ (Nicki Minaj quotable). Come Again!”

The Grammy-winning singer is set to make up her performance tomorrow evening at Atlanta’s Center Stage. Following the gig, the former Fugee is scheduled to play in Oahu, San Francisco, Los Angeles, and Denver before wrapping her “Moving Target: Extended Playdate Series” at New Orleans’ Jazz and Heritage Festival on May 7.

Lauryn Hill Letter