Tracklisting: Musiq Soulchild – ‘MusiqInTheMagiq’

Ready to hear some beautiful Musiq? The Philly crooner has revealed the tracklisting for his sixth album MusiqInTheMagiq, dropping May 3. The 12-song offering includes lead single “anything” featuring Swizz Beatz, as well as the aptly-titled “single” and “silver&gold,” all spelled out in lowercase.

The neo-souldier explained that the record has a universal appeal. “I like this combination of songs because some of them are pushing me into a slightly different space that I haven’t really been in before,” he said. “People like to consider it crossover, more pop appeal, however not so much where I’m compromising the integrity of what people know.”

Check out the lineup and watch Musiq’s latest webisode where he discusses his influences and how his parents reared him on soul music.

1. “anything” (feat. Swizz Beatz)
2. “single”
3. “sayido”
4. “lovecontract”
5. “silver&gold”
6. “waitingstill”
7. “backtowhere”
8. “dowehaveto”
9. “befriends”
10. “yes”
11. “medicine”
12. “likethesun”