Tyler, the Creator

Odd Future’s 10 Steps to Selling Out

Want to become a sell-out? Just ask Odd Future’s Tyler, the Creator. The group’s eccentric frontman told Paper magazine his tips on how to properly capitalize on one’s musical success by selling out, outlining the 10 steps to shredding all credibility. While his suggestions may seem like self-sabotage, there’s an art to making sure you make all the wrong decisions.

See how Tyler recommends flushing your hard work down the drain, and it doesn’t include signing a major label deal with Bad Boy or Roc Nation.

1. Buy a mink made out of an ostrich’s ass.
2. Do a song with some artist who sounds stupid.
3. Get a photo with Justin Bieber wearing a green jacket.
4. Get some ice gold. It has to be gold.
5. Have a sex tape with a Disney star.
6. Make a gospel album.
7. Do a commercial for fucking Kia.
8. Get a fucked up haircut like will.i.am.
9. Make shit that sounds different from your first album.
10. Make a dance record with Lil’ Zane.