Video: Lady Gaga Faces Off With Protester Outside Concert

In episode 41 of “Gagavision,” Lady Gaga confronts a protester outside her “Monster Ball” show in Anaheim, Calif. During their intense dialogue, the man tells the pop superstar that she and her Little Monsters are going to hell and hands her a “Get Out of Hell Free Card.”

“It’s gonna happen one day, darlin’,” he taunts before a cordial Gaga responds, “We really believe in God at my show.” But he fires back, saying, “Your pervert ways don’t quite equate to what God is all about. … You know, the homo stuff.”

After the heated exchange, Gaga showed footage of the rehearsals for her “Judas” video, shot over the weekend with director/choreographer Laurieann Gibson. The RedOne-produced record, which serves as the second single from her upcoming album Born This Way, will debut on April 19.