Nas Hits the Studio with Frank Ocean

Beyoncé isn’t the only one hitting the lab with Odd Future’s resident crooner Frank Ocean. The singer-songwriter recently put in studio time with Nas, revealing that he was cooking up some new material with the hip-hop veteran.

“Just played nas a song…on piano. in that moment i realized, im getting a lil better at piano. i gotta keep practicing though,” tweeted Ocean. “yea. nas. like ‘top 5 dead or alive’ nas.”

Though unclear where the collaboration will end up, Nas confirmed the duo was creating music together. “In the studio with my little n—a @frank_ocean,” he wrote.

A video for Ocean’s nostalgia, ultra cut “Songs for Women” surfaced online last week, but he denied its authenticity. “not my video,” tweeted Ocean, adding, “sorry. but that songs for women video was a fail.”